by Antoine Durr


  • The local area is serviced by PTT buses whose service is free with Gastekarte.
  • The nearest bus stop is Gruobastrasse, 50m uphill from our front entrance.  Bus line 231 services this stop.
  • Bus line 231 runs Klosters-Serneus-Küblis and Küblis-Serneus-Klosters.  Check the sign on the bus to determine if it’s going up- or down-mountain.
  • The bus stop on the same side of the street as Haus Tschägi (about 50m uphill from front door) goes first to Serneus Bad and then up the other side of the valley to Serneus village
  • With sufficient snow, you can ski down the Schifer trail into Serneus village, then catch the bus practically to the front door!
  • Bus Schedule


  • The RHB’s (Rhätische Bahn) narrow-gauge red trains service the mountains of Graubünden, including Klosters and Davos.
  • Free usage of train from Klosters to Davos and back with Gastekarte
  • Trains leave approximately every 45 minutes from Klosters-Dorf or Klosters-Platz to Davos-Dorf or Davos-Platz
  • RHB Timetables (route #910 services Klosters-Davos) / RHB Trip Planner


  • Most parking lots in Klosters and Davos have a central parking meter.  The hours of operation are posted on the meters.  A few meters will give you a free half hour if you need to do a quick pick up or drop off.  Typical charge is CHF 1/hour.